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Trick Handle Wakeboard Rope | 75 ft.



Wakeboard Rope

Nail your dream moves and then some with our Wakeboard Trick Handle Rope. This low-stretch line has a 16-strand, 30-filament rope that helps you master everything butterslides to potato peelers.

The TPR-covered aluminum handle is specifically designed for spins and inverted tricks, so you can step up your game from surface moves and start spinning and flipping every which way. The handle features a 15-inch double-density EVA phat grip handle, which offers cushion and support.

It also has a high-strength aluminum core, with finger protectors and foam floats, along with a 5-foot handle bridle and three, 10-foot takeoffs. Lastly, the bright yellow color is easy to spot in the water and looks sharp as you spin and twist across the water and through the air.

  • Height Inches: 3.13
  • Length Inches: 12
  • Width Inches: 15