Justa Tube | Inflatable Water & Snow Tube - 32"


SKU: 52-1132

Dual Summer and Winter Tube

Justa Tube is so much more than an ordinary tube. This black donut tube is hypoallergenic, meaning it's much safer for those prone to allergies and irritation. The Schrader valve stem is shorter than a standard auto valve and has a tapered cap, so there’s no discomfort or scratching legs.

It’s made of isobutylene isoprene synthetic rubber, an upgrade from a standard tire tube. It’s more resistant to heat, abrasion, ozone and sunlight. Justa Tube provides year-round fun. In winter, use it to sled down hills of snow. In summer, you’ll enjoy this inflatable black tube at the river, lake, pool, or ocean.


  • Hypoallergenic material
  • Tapered valve cap
  • Dual functionality for winter or summer

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Features:Hypoallergenic MaterialIsobutylene Isoprene Synthetic RubberDual Functionality / Winter & Summer Non Scratching Tapered Valve Cap with Built-in Deflator Tool