Kwik-Connect Tow Rope for Tubing Connector



Tow Rope for Tubing Connector

Kwik-Connect makes it easy to attach and detach towables. While many Airhead towable tubes already come equipped with a Kwik-Connect, this is a premium stand-in for those that don’t.

This product is recommended for 1 to 4 rider towables that are not already equipped with Kwik-Connects. There's no need to thread 60 feet of rope through the tow strap each time you connect or disconnect a tube rope. Instead, the high impact Kwik-Connect tool has a 1 inch diameter hole to accept up a tow rope for tubing up to 4,100 pound break strength.

If you want to streamline your experience with water tubes for boats, and you don’t already have a Kwik-Connect installed on your tube, this product is for you.


  • Designed for 1 to 4 rider towables
  • 4,100 lb break strength
  • Pre-stretched polypropylene
  • Height Inches: 0.8
  • Length Inches: 16
  • Width Inches: 4
  • High impact plastic Kwik-Connector with 1 inch diameter hole.
  • Recommended for 1 to 4 rider towable without Kwik Connectors
  • Accepts up to 6,000 lb. break strength tube ropes