Hi folks, I'm Brad Ketai with Airhead. I'm going to talk to you about our Airhead Wakeboards and why to buy Airhead over some of the others that you're going to find out there. We'll start with our junior boards. You see the Splash right here. It's got bindings mounted on it. The advantage when you use our bindings is there's a lot of play, a lot of different options for positions, and a lot of settings that allow the rider to be comfortable no matter how tall, short, or wide-bodied that they are. Let's take a look at one of our new junior boards, Shred Time. Okay, Shred Time. One of the things that Airhead is going to stand out on is graphics. We always have bright brilliant graphics to take a look at. Then the construction of the board is the next important thing. On our junior boards and our intermediate boards you'll find one fin in front and back. So a set of fins comes on this board and we put moderate rocker onto this board. The rocker is important in the sense that the more rocker that you have the quicker the board wants to turn. The rocker is the curvature of the board and that's why I'm holding it in this direction.

The next feature that is important for you to understand is that when we make our rim-molded boards we send fiberglass stringers down throughout the board so it stiffens the board and it makes it much more durable than you'll find most other rim-molded boards. The other important thing that we do is that when it comes to the hex screws right here, the helocoils, they all have a box. A very strong box that is built inside them so it's going to stop any stripping of those coils. You find that quite often in boards that are out there and we've remedied this problem by the box construction that we use. Okay, moving on. Let's look at a teen board. The Spike right here is a new entry for us. You can see the two sides of she Spike. The features again on the bull-nosed boards are they're designed more for intermediates or advanced intermediates at best. I'm going to show you a more advanced board in a second. But again the features on this board, still two fins, great graphics, and the same construction that we talked about.

As you can see we have another size for the advanced beginner to advanced intermediate. The Radical right here. There's more than what I'm showing you to offer from Airhead but these are a couple of the great-looking new additions that we've made to the line. Okay? Then we roll right over to the higher-end as far as advanced intermediate to expert. This board is used for the smaller guy. There's a three-fin configuration on the front and back of this board. Three fins can either be used or you can take the middle one out as you see here, which is commonly done from boarders as they get more experienced out there. Again, remember wakeboarding is hot in the market because you've got a lot of tubers that then get to the point where they want to switch it up on the water. Do something that's different, a little bit more exhilarating, a little bit more athletic. You're going to find those kinds of guys on every boat out there. That's why it's important to stock your boat with both wake boards as well as your tow-ables.

Lastly we'll show you one of our newest offerings which is our Rip Slash. This illustrates when you look on the back of a three-fin configuration as opposed to the two-fin that I showed you before. So it's versatile. This is a little bit bigger in size. The bat-wing shape that you see here really signifies to you that it's a more advanced board and with this board you're going to find more rocker. In other words it's going to be curved in a bigger U-shape and this board is going to feature a little bit more stiffness and more responsiveness as opposed to the more intermediate boards. Thanks for watching this segment. I hope you got something out of our new wakeboard segment.