Dual tow point style of Towables.


Hey, Its Greg, and we're talking Dual Tow Point towables. This is our Mable series, very ,very popular start for the families. Great for young kids, great for older kids, comes in a two person, three and a four person version. We also have a rocking Mable series. So the nice thing here is that we are showing that in the seated position, when you go along with younger kids they are seated far back in the tube. Great for take offs, really ,really fun with the walls to hold them in so it keeps them very secure and safe.


Now, in the chariot style, going back the other direction, you put your older kids on there, the only thing holding them is those skinny little arms. So crank it up, put it into a nice slide, see if you can skip your kids across the water.


Lots of fun for all the family.


So, go out and pick one up. Enjoy yourself on water with the family and thank you very much and happy boating.