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How to attach your fins to the Airhead Na Pali SUP


Hi. This is Jeff, sales guy with Airhead SUP.

Today, we're talking about how to install fins on any of your Airhead SUP paddle boards. There's different variations depending on which paddle board you get. Some will have one fin. Some will have multiple fins. The largest fin goes in the center. The two smaller fins go to the outside, or three large fins, depending upon which board you have.

To start with, you'll notice that in the front and the rear there is also a pin that's attached to the board, or yours may have a screw style pin as well. So what you do is slide the pin into the slot, push down, slide backwards, insert the pin, and the pin will open on the other side.

Repeat that for the center fin after you remove the pin by pushing together and sliding it out of the way. Slide the front end, back portion down. Slide the fin all the way to the back. Insert the pin and, again, open on the other side. Now your fins are locked in place. Repeat on the third fin.

Thanks a lot. Enjoy SUPing today. We'll see you next time.


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