Hi, this is Jeff from Airhead SUP, one of the sales guys here. We get a lot of questions on how to inflate our Airhead Na Pali Stand Up Paddleboard.

First, remove all your contents from the box. You'll notice that your board comes in a nice carry bag here. You'll have a pump, fins, a pressure gauge, and a seat as well.

First of all you will get your board out, put your seat off to the side, get your pump, your handy-dandy gauge, and get ready. Make sure you're doing this in a clean area as much as you can. Unroll your SUP and find your pressure gauge at the tail end of your SUP. There will be a closure cap and a little pin that is your airlock. Make sure that your pin is in the up position. You can do so by giving it a twist or a turn, and you'll see that it locks in the down position, which is actually open, allowing it to deflate, or in the up position that allows it to hold air and inflate.

Find your inflation gauge, install it into your pump by giving it a twist on the inflation side then attach your hose in the same way. Now you're ready to twist lock your hose to the valve and you're ready for inflation. It's just as simple as this.

You'll notice as you pump that it will get a little bit harder to do, but will still be fairly easy. Just keep pumping until you get to the recommended p.s.i., which is 13 to 15. There we are, we're at 15 Disconnect your hose, make sure you replace your protector cover, and now you're ready to go.