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SunComfort Noodle



AIRHEAD’s SunComfort Noodle provides hours of playtime for kids in the pool and is an effective buoyancy aid for all ages. Great for lakes and ocean too, so be sure to keep a bunch in your boat! Soft, luxurious and made from durable EcoCell foam. 45” x 5” x 1 ¾”. 

AHSC-001 (Blue Swirl) 
AHSC-002 (Orange Swirl)
AHSC-031 (Lime Swirl)
AHSC-032 (Raspberry Swirl)
AHSC-033 (Sapphire Swirl)

AIRHEAD® SunComfort EcoCell foam is a long-lasting luxurious foam with rich color swirls throughout the entire products. It’s more environmentally friendly than other foam lounges. It’s 100% PVC Free with no harmful off-gassing or oils in contact with your skin. Simply put, SunComfort products don’t stink like the others! Our specialized manufacturing processes yield a consistent size and shape product every time. The closed cell foam won’t absorb water, crack, chip, peel, or tear. Soft to the touch and buoyant in your pool, they’re lightweight and extremely durable for long service. Enjoy!

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