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Different Types of Boater Personalities
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Different Types of Boater Personalities

When cruising the lake, hugging the coast, or even navigating the deep sea, you are bound to run into other boaters on the water. However, not all boater personalities are the same. In fact, a whole menagerie of new and expert boaters are found during any boating excursion. The following is a list of the types of personalities that you and your crew may encounter when taking your boat out for a spin. Which one best defines your boating habits?

1. The Seasoned Sailor

Seasoned Sailor

The seasoned sailor is an expert captain of his ship. He knows all of the nautical terminology, maritime laws, and how to interpret the sea breeze to detect when to turn around and come home. These individuals are overzealous about their passion for boating. If accompanying the seasoned sailor out on the water, be prepared to inherit the identity of your crewmate. In addition to assuming an almost alter-ego on the water with their immediate shipmates, the seasoned sailor can also be overheard on the radio spouting out his knowledge. Sometimes, these helmsmen don’t even realize how much they are projecting this image. Something about being on the water may cause an otherwise unassuming individual to display this boater personality.

2. The Fisherman

The Fisherman

The fisherman, although likely not as passionate about boating as the seasoned sailor will project a similar fervor for all things related to fishing when out on the water. The fisherman is equipped with an arsenal of different rods, fishing line, hooks, bait, and tackle. The fisherman knows all of the best spots to bring home a bountiful catch to prepare and cook for dinner; however, he is also known to tread off of the beaten path to find lesser known, secret fishing spots. If you accompany a fisherman out on the water, be prepared to learn more about fishing than you ever wanted to know. At least you will be well fed when you return home and fry up the catch of the day for a delicious meal.

3. The Secretly Seasick

Secretly Seasick

Though most boaters eventually gain their sea legs and adapt to the ocean waves at both high and low tide, there are some that just don’t. These boaters are the kind that will never let you know that they have problems out on the water. They may need to stop at the pharmacy to pick up “gum” before your departure when in fact they are purchasing a motion-sickness medication. On a day of particularly choppy seas, these boaters will feign excitement at having braved far harsher elements. They may even criticize others on the boat who indicate symptoms of nausea and discomfort. Ultimately, these kinds of boaters wind up being recognized as a farce. While booting over the dock and feeding the fishes, they may, however, still keep up their facade, using bad clams or some other nonsense as a scapegoat for their seasickness.

4. The Daredevil

The Daredevil Boater

The daredevil boater personality does not just own any old kind of boat. His passion is speed, and, as such, he has a speedboat. He would probably even put a souped up motor in the tiniest of rowboats for the mere purpose of getting a rush. The daredevil boating personality is known for loving speed and waves, and he takes plenty of risks when out on the water. This is the kind of boater that will promise to tow you along at a reasonable pace when tubing or wakeboarding, but then he will inexplicably accelerate and pump up the speed to full blast. These kinds of boaters are known for fully embracing the idea of open waters, often disregarding and disrespecting other boaters within the periphery. The Daredevil may make you uncomfortable if you're not used to boating at high speeds. What’s more, he probably has a track record of at least a few run-ins with maritime police.

5. The Old Man and the Sea

Old Man and the Sea

The old man and the sea personality may appear to be similar to the fisherman personality type, but the difference is that he does not fish! This boater personality loves breathing in the salty ocean air, finds tranquility in merely floating his boat on the water, and may even be profoundly philosophical and reflective in nature. These boaters may navigate around on the shabbiest of ships and the most humble of aquatic Motorcraft; however, they are completely satisfied by boating within their means. This boating archetype is eager to be out on the water at dawn and may not return to the dock until way after sunset. They have no problem taking their small boats well off the coast and just stationing themselves out on the water all day long with no objectives but to sit, relax, and reflect on a boating life well-lived.

6. The Hot-Shot Yachtsman

Hot Shot Yachtsman

The hot-shot yachtsman is the last boater personality type that you may encounter out on the water. These boaters have large, opulent yachts, and are not afraid to flaunt them. If you are ever invited to accompany this boating personality out on the water, be prepared for extravagance. Their boats will be equipped to entertain and to hold lavish yacht parties that serve only the fanciest of champagne and caviar to a vast array of socialites. Sometimes, they will station their boats out in the water within the proximity of other, smaller vessels to garner attention and show off. This boating demeanor is all about appearances.

So, when out on the water, prepare for an experience equatable to a boating safari. These are just a few examples of some of the different kinds of boaters you will encounter during a boating outing. Just be careful not to get too close, as you do not want to disturb these creatures in their natural environments. Just relax, observe, and have fun!



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