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Popular Water Monster Stories & Legends: Great Lakes Edition
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Popular Water Monster Stories & Legends: Great Lakes Edition

With tales of the Loch Ness Monster and other sea monsters around the world, you never really consider it is happening in your neck of the woods. However, there are many different tales of monsters, especially water monsters, being found among different bodies of around the United States. The biggest source of these mysterious stories? The Great Lakes!

The Water Monster of Lake Erie

Lake Erie is home to many different monster tales, all of which have been told by multiple people. One of the most famous water monster sightings has happened in Lake Erie in the south bay area. Bessie, who is also called South Bay Bessie because of the location of the sightings, has been seen multiple times since the 1800’s. It is said that she is covered in gray scales, has a large head, and is around 30 to 40 feet long. Once, in 1992, a supposed attack from Bessie left three people dead with one survivor. He had quite the story to tell, I’m sure. He has even mentioned that Bessie’s head was the size of an average car. Could you imagine seeing that up close and personal?

The Kingstie Monster of Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario spans between the United States and Canada, and this particular tale happened in Canada in 2004, though it dates back to the 1930’s. The Kingstie Monster was seen by two fishermen who were enjoying their day just off the coast of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. What they saw was a hoax created by some people in 1934 by using empty bottles for a flotation device and attaching a head that resembled a dragon. Why they did, it is hard to say, but the fishermen were given quite a scare and decided to name it “Kingstie” after their location. This story is a bit more relaxed than some of the others, but even the hoax put quite a scare into many people’s lives, especially if they aren’t expecting to see a “sea monster” under their boat while fishing.

The Siren of Lake Erie

Lake Erie, as I’ve mentioned before, is home to several monster stories. This one is particularly chilling since it revolved around a demonic siren. This legend centers around a siren called the Storm Hag. She lives at the bottom of Lake Erie, and she is often blamed for the disappearance of many ships in the area. She is said to have yellow eyes, green teeth and skin, and long, sharp, and poisonous fingernails. Her teeth are also extremely sharp, and her eyes are said to have a demonic glow to them. Her voice is said to carry over the lake just before a storm comes, and when the storm arrives, she attacks the ship, kills the sailors, and brings this ship back to her home in the bottom of the lake. This is one of the most mysterious stories surrounding the Great Lakes. It’s pretty creepy, right?  


There is something about monster stories that get your blood chilling. This is even more chilling when the stories take place in your area of the world. It’s one thing to hear monster stories about places across the ocean, but to hear of them taking place in your backyard is something different. The Great Lakes are home to many different monster stories, particularly water monsters. The depths of the lakes are just as mysterious as the depths of the ocean, and these mysteries are not always easy to explain. Just like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, these monster tales are legends and stories that always send chills up your spine during sleep overs and campfire talk.




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