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What Do I Need to Throw a Great Pool Party?
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What Do I Need to Throw a Great Pool Party?

Summer is almost here!  The warmer weather and longer days bring endless opportunities to spend time outside with friends and family. Summer also means that is time to pull out that swimsuit and head to the pool. Pool parties are extremely popular gatherings throughout the summer.

So, what do you need to throw a memorable pool party? Below are tips for your party as well as some essential items you'll want to make sure to have on hand.


Advance menu planning is critical to ensure the party goes off without a hitch.  Some things to consider when selecting food. What time is the party? Will you be serving a meal or just snacks? Do any of your attendees have food restrictions? BBQ is the simplest and most logical choice for summer parties. It also allows the chef to enjoy the party along with your guests while serving up some yummy food.  For snacks, consider finger foods that are easy to eat since most of your guests will be mingling. Chips and dip, fruits, veggies, deviled eggs, and other smaller appetizers are a cinch to organize ahead of time. Be sure to include some sweeter options like cupcakes, cookies, and other desserts that do not require utensils to eat them.  If you are hosting a party at home, frozen desserts are refreshing additions welcomed by all guests.


Having plenty of water on hand is a must so people are adequately hydrated in hotter conditions.  Consider a selection of carbonated beverages, fruit drinks, iced tea, and lemonade so your guests have plenty of options.   If you plan to serve alcohol, remember that you are having a pool party and it is your responsibility to keep everyone safe.


Floats are an absolute must for a pool party as almost everyone enjoys lounging in the water while catching some rays. Airhead has an extensive collection of floats that are sure to be the hit of your party.   

Airhead’s offering of floats includes standard loungers, animal shaped versions like ducks and unicorns, and even a chaise lounge big enough for two. Just think about how much fun your guests will have at your pool party when you take out your new floats!

Pool Toys

No pool party is complete without a few outdoor games and toys. Airhead has a wide variety of fun toys and games for the water. Children and adults alike will love playing with the Aqua Zooka squirt guns. The Aqua Zooka Double Shot doubles your squirting power with two barrels to fill with water.

With Airhead's Pongo Bongo Beverage Pong Table, your guests can play a fun game of pong in the pool. After you're done playing, you can flip the floating table over and turn it into a float. Airhead’s Lob the Blob game brings the popular cornhole game to the water.

Just because you are throwing a pool party doesn't mean that all the fun needs to be in the water. Be sure to have lawn games available for when people are ready to take a little break from swimming. Cornhole, horseshoes, or Frisbee are just a few of the endless lawn games that are available.


On these hot summer days, be sure to set up canopies and beach umbrellas to provide ample shade coverage so your guests can escape the heat.


Unless your throwing an evening pool party, be sure to have sunscreen on hand in case your guests forgot to bring their own. You don't want someone's fun time to be ruined by sunburn.


We hope this advice will bring limitless fun for your friends and family so much so they will be begging for more!



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