The WaterMat Company is no newcomer to the water safety and rescue space. In 2009, working collaboratively with local First Responders and a partnership with the FirstAlert Company, we designed and launched the patented "RescueMat." The RescueMat, specifically designed for rapid deployment in ice, swamp and water rescues when every second
2 men testing the RescueMat
counts, was later re-branded as the "WaterMat Professional" due to the broad array of new and diverse applications found by our customers for this versatile floatation device. It now sells for $1,299 and discounts are available for bulk orders. Customers have also found creative water safety applications for our recreational consumer products. Designed for "safe, no-hassle family fun," our recreational floatable and towable WaterMat products are adaptable right out of the box to a wide range of rescue and safety needs, from improvisationally serving as a walkway across water, to a platform for stranded victims to climb aboard an airboat, to a staging area for supplies and gear.
Rolled up RescueMat
There's a high quality WaterMat product that's perfect for your water safety and first responder water rescue needs. No matter which model you decide upon, rest assured that, as a genuine WaterMat product, it has passed a three-pronged test: 1) Is it safe? 2) Is it no-hassle? and 3) is it functional? Again, volume discounts for multi-unit purchases are available by calling 1-888-462-8386.