Towing inflatable tubes behind your boat is easy if you know what tubes you’re going to tow with it. First you simply need to identify the rider capacity of the tow tube your riders are intending to have an exciting ride on. Most inflatable towables range from 1-6 rider capacities and Airhead tow ropes for boats come in a variety of options to tow any of these tubes on the market. Airhead tow ropes for boats are constructed of pre-stretched UV resistant nylon and exceed the WSIA’s (Water Sports Industry Association) recommended break strengths and include a handy rope keeper for easy storage. If your tow tube has a 1 rider capacity you need a 1 rider tow rope such as the AHTR-50. If your tow tube has a 6 person capacity you’ll need a 6 rider tube rope and so forth. Then, decide if you want the ability to remove a 10 foot segment of the rope to accommodate different wake and water conditions. If so you’ll want to choose a 2 section tube tow rope like AHTR-42 Four Rider Tow Rope that allows you to add or remove a 10 foot section as desired. Everyone will agree the calm water in early mornings & evenings on the lake are the best time for tubing. Airhead Bling tow tube ropes have reflective materials woven into the braid to maximize visibility of the tow rope in low-light conditions. Tubers will also take comfort in the added safety component of Bling ropes illuminating their experience on the water. Shop our wide selection of tow tubing supplies for your water tubes!