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Airhead water ski trainers have been teaching our youth fundamentals for over a decade. Available in various styles you’re sure to find the right tool for teaching your kids to learn how to water ski. EZ-Ski trainers that have been a great success since their introduction to the market and are regarded as the ultimate confidence builder, taking the tears, fear and frustration out of teaching young skiers and replacing it with safety and fun. The U-Ski is a very popular water ski trainer that is really easy for kids to get up and very sturdy, even at idle speeds. Made of durable bamboo with cute duck graphics this hybrid is a cross between a sled and trainer skis. Airhead trainer water skis feature a special stabilizer bar that keeps the 47” skis steady while students are learning to ski. The unique tow rope system puts the spotter in the back of the boat in control of the ride. Children hold on to the included handle connected by the tow rope rope to an additional handle the spotter holds on the opposite end. This is so the spotter can release their handle if the child falls to ensure children are safe at all times while learning if they forget to let go. Shop our selection of water ski trainers for kids.