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Yoga & Fitness ActivitiesThis is not just a product: It's an experience. The Yoga WaterMat® is ideally suited for both the individual seeking Zen at the lake or the group aquatic fitness class practicing at a resort or hotel pool.

For those who enjoy Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) yoga, the Yoga WaterMat offers a complementary experience when the weather outside is frightful or in those northern climes where the outdoor season is a few short months. Beyond yoga on the water, the durable, easy-to-tote and simple to stack Yoga WaterMat also serves as a terrific enhancement to any aquatic fitness or wellness program. The low-impact training and physical therapy possibilities are endless. Benefits Abound Many benefits accrue to those that practice these disciplines on the water: Profound relaxation and inner peace Dramatically improved core strength and balance Focus and clarity of mind A fun, bonding experience Let's Get Physical At 84" long by 36" wide and 3.25" thick, the Yoga WaterMat is weight-rated to easily support 175 pounds. Stacking two Yoga WaterMats together allows yogis and athletes of all shapes and sizes to enjoy the experience. Compared to bulkiness, rigidity and fragile fin of a paddle board, the Yoga WaterMat is a snap to stack and store. Weighing just 14 pounds, the two handles on the Yoga WaterMat makes it easy to tote and place in the water. We Help You Get Started

Our holistic approach helps clubs and fitness facilities retain current clients, attract new clients, and significantly increase aquatic fitness revenues with the Yoga WaterMat. We offer cost-effective on-line or in-person certification sessions where instructors can earn CEUs through the Dharmi Institute, and with all purchases, yogis receive access to three 30-minute online instructional videos (beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of expertise). Please contact us directly at 1-888-4-MAT-FUN to explore special pricing options on multi-unit purchases.